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Predictions get zero digits correct in latest UK49s Lunchtime draw

No matching numbers showed up between the most recent UK49s Lunchtime draw and the relevant predictions.

The UK49s Lunchtime Results for today were as follows: 2, 3, 12, 21, 43, 48 Booster: 26

None of these final results were found in the relevant UK 49 Lunchtime Hot and Cold Numbers.

The top three Hot Pairs (32-33, 24-32, 22-30), top three Hot Numbers (22, 32, 33) and most commonly-drawn winning numbers (15, 11, 49, 23, 37, 19, 9), as you can see, were nowhere to be found in the final Lunchtime draw.

Hopefully, future predictions will prove to be much more reliable.

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