Number 11: The Coldest and Most Overdue in FDJ’s France Lotto

Number 11 is currently the coldest and most overdue number in FDJ’s France Lotto draws, having not appeared in any drawings since January of this year.

Lottery draws are random, with each number theoretically having an equal chance of being selected. However, certain numbers become notably overdue, meaning they statistically should have appeared in recent draws based on probability but have not done so yet.

Such is the case with number 11. At the time of writing this, on Wednesday, 15 May 2024, number 11 holds the title of being the coldest and most overdue number in France Lotto draws. Its last appearance was on 15 January 2024, which was 53 draws ago.

Currently, other most overdue numbers in France Lotto include:

NumberLast drawnDraws ago
3223 March 202423
3725 March 202422
2327 March 202421
2830 March 202420

Also, you may want to check out this guide for tips on improving your number predictions for the upcoming draw.

Note: Using or avoiding these numbers in the next draw is a personal decision based on individual strategies and beliefs. Analyzing the Hot and Cold Numbers in a lottery cannot guarantee the ability to predict future winning numbers with certainty. Lottery outcomes are random by nature, and accurately forecasting them is impossible regardless of data or analysis.

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