Greece Powerball Predictions’ Report: Only one digit correctly forecast

Number 10 was the only number correctly forecast in the latest Greece Powerball results.

There were two hints in the pertinent Greece Powerball Hot and Cold Numbers‘ article that 10 may be drawn as a final number in the most recent results.

This was shown via the predictions’ top 3 Hot Pairs (7-10, 2-36, 15-33) as well as top 3 Hot Numbers (36, 7, 10), which, as you can see, both indicated that this digit may be of some importance.

Of course, these hints were correct, with this number coming up in yesterday’s Greece Powerball draw: 10, 24, 32, 35, 40 Powerball: 13.

Unfortunately, 10 was the one and only digit that the predictions managed to correctly estimate.