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Does Betway count extra-time?

What happens in the event that you have placed a bet on Betway, only for a game to move into extra-time and is extra-time still considered by Betway?


Sporting games are a said to bring people together. People can unite over their support of the same teams, as well as to enjoy watching their teams compete as a way of building competition and excitement over a sport that they like. Whatever it may be, sport excites its supporters.

Another way that people are enjoying the thrill of supporting their respective sporting teams and heroes is through sports betting. People in South Africa will pay money to bet on what they think the outcome of the sports they follow will be, and the outcomes of matches and sporting races.

Betway and extra time

Betway is a platform that has been introduced in South Africa for people to be able to bet on a variety of sports, in the hopes that they win for betting that the right team will win on a specific day or that their favourite player will win and by how much. Betway is an online sports betting platform that is active around certain parts of the world, including South Africa. When it comes to sports such as soccer, betters might be wondering what happens in the event of a game going into extra-time.

Does Betway count extra-time?

The world of sport will be very unpredictable at times and some bets can be lost. When it comes to the game of soccer in South Africa, there are instances when a match will not entirely end at 90 minutes, because it is likely that the match has ended in a draw or that a team has scored in the last minutes making the game an equalizer. At the end of the day, there has to be a winner, and so a game will go into extra-time or a penalty shoot-out.

What would then happen for people who had betted and not anticipated that extra scores could happen in extra-time and penalties? Unfortunately, the Betway platform does not take into consideration any extra-time or penalties added. It only looks to the time a game is meant to last and nothing beyond the 90-minute mark.

What sports does Betway offer betting on?

Because Betway is a global betting platform, it has a very diverse range of sporting for people to bet on and this is sports from all over the world not just South African sports. Sports that are listed on the platform range from; Athletics, basketball, baseball, boxing, cricket, cycling, field hockey, football (soccer) golf, horse racing, motor racing, formula 1, ice hockey, netball, rugby, pool, table tennis, tennis, UFC, volleyball, water polo and some winter sports. There are many others on the list but some of these will appeal to South Africa’s market.

How do you live bet on Betway?

Betway will allow you to bet live. In order to do this, you will have to visit the Betway website. Once you are online, you will tap on the Live tab or the Live Now button above the fixtures to be able to view all the games that are live in that exact moment. The next step will involve you choosing the sport you want to bet on and then finding the games you will bet on. Select Choose League and Update. Your betslip will appear for you to fill and tap Bet Now.

What are some of Betway’s rules? 

Betting on Betway will come with some general rules that will need to apply. Some of the rules Betway has enforced include them setting out the maximum pay-out limit for each customer, for each sport at Betway’s discretion. In the event that a fixture or event is cancelled, Betway has stipulated that all bets will still stand for the following day. If more time lapses, then bets will unfortunately be invalid. The official result will be final for the purposes of settlements, unless this is stated otherwise in specific rules. Betway is also anti-collusion.


Being a dedicated fan of sports is a passion many follow either by making sure to always attend live sports events of their favourite games, or by making it a tradition to bring people together to come and enjoy the game in the presence of good company and competition.

Sports betting in South Africa has become a way for sporting fans to engage in the outcomes of their sport games and players. People are able to bet on their predicted outcomes in the hopes that they will win from betting that the right team or person will win certain fixtures.

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