The Tuesday 5 June 2018 Powerball draw saw two players become millionaires

Two lucky winners claimed the jackpot prize of R26,896,380.16, in yesterday’s Powerball draw

The winning numbers for last night’s Powerball lottery were drawn by two players who each stand to collect R 26,896,380.16.

The lucky numbers were:

10 13 28 33 45

And the Powerball was:


The last time the number 14 was the lucky Powerball was on the 22 May 2018. This number has been the winning ball three times so far for this year.

There were eight winners who correctly picked five numbers. They each stand to win R84,781.20.

Predictions for the next Powerball draw which will take place on Friday 8 June, have estimated that 14 may yet again be drawn as the winning number.

Other estimates have named the number 4 ball as the Powerball.

The five standard winning numbers are pegged to be: 03 20 33 40 43

The next jackpot is set to be R2,500,000.00.