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The thirties takes over the last two Gosloto Morning draws

The last two Gosloto Morning draws have been predominantly spitting out numbers within the thirties.

In today’s Gosloto Morning draw four out of the six final numbers were in the thirties: 39,  38,  21,  35,  34,  07.

In yesterday’s Gosloto Morning draw half of the final digits were in their thirties: 45,  35,  26,  30,  19,  32.

As you can see, 35 appeared in both of these draws, making it an important digit to look out for in the future.

Beyond this, number 34 which, as one can see, appeared in today’s draw, also popped up in this past Sunday’s final results (11, 41, 12, 29, 24, 34), making it another dirty-thirty to keep a close eye on.

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