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Mega Millions Predictions get one number right in the final draw

The Mega Millions Predictions managed to get one digit right in the latest final draw.

Digit 4 managed to come up in both the Mega Millions Winning Numbers and Payouts on Tuesday, 11 February 2020 (4, 6, 32, 52, 64 Mega Ball: 6 Megaplier: 2x) as well as the Mega Millions Hot and Hot Numbers for Tuesday 11 February 2020. More specifically, it was found in the most commonly drawn winning numbers of the Mega Millions Hot and Cold Numbers: 31, 17, 4, 48, 39, 2, 10.

Unfortunately, these predictions were unable to correctly estimate any other digits through the use of its top three Hot Pairs (53-56, 46-61, 30-53), top three Hot Numbers (31, 17, 63) or top three Cold Balls (1, 19, 45).

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