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Lunchtime prediction’s top winning numbers get one digit right

The Lunchtime Predictions meant to help lottery-goers choose digits for today’s draw, managed to forecast one final winning number.

Nineteen was found in both today’s UK49s Lunchtime final results (2, 10, 19, 31, 36, 43 Booster: 14) as well as the relevant prediction’s top winning numbers (15, 11, 23, 37, 49, 19, 9).

Other than that, the predictions fell flat with no correctly forecast digits found in the top three Hot Pairs (22-44, 22-30, 29-32), top three Hot Numbers (22, 44, 30) or the top three Cold Numbers (17, 11, 4).

To find some numbers that might be able to help you in tomorrow’s UK49s Lunchtime draw go to: UK 49 Lunchtime Hot and Cold Numbers: Friday, 24 January 2020.

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