Lunchtime Predictions’ Report: Only one digit correctly forecast

Today’s Lunchtime results nearly managed to completely evade the relevant Lunchtime Hot and Cold Numbers forecast, only providing it with one matching number: 19.

Nineteen was found in both today’s final UK49s Lunchtime draw (1, 5, 19, 22, 30, 43 Booster: 6) as well as the relevant Lunchtime Predictions‘ most commonly drawn winning numbers: 11, 15, 37, 49, 23, 19, 9.

As you will see, none of the other numbers found in the final draw came up in either the UK49s Lunchtime Predictions’ top three Hot Pairs (20-34, 31-35, 2-49) or top three Hot Numbers (18, 35, 17)

Let’s hope that all future predictions prove to be much more helpful than simply one single digit.