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How to submit FICA documents at Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets has provided users with a self-service FICA option online, which allows them to upload pictures of the necessary documents to register on the platform.

Hollywoodbets has attempted to mitigate the laborious task of submitting FICA documents, as it has created a self-service platform which allows applicants to upload images of the required documents. The use of images, rather than scanned copies, cuts the admin of finding printing and scanning facilities.

The lack of admin beforehand means that once you have landed on the Hollywoodbets’ self-service FICA page, it is about merely following the prompts. First, it will require the user’s social security number and cellphone number. Thereafter, a user must upload a copy of their identity document and proof of address, while still following the prompts. After pressing the “Submit” prompt and it being processed, the user must await a response.

The submission of FICA documents can be avoided if one’s number is already registered with FICA and approval to access it be granted to Hollywoodbets.

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