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How to play Hollywoodbets online

In order to play Hollywoodbets online, there are two options that can be carried out via a cellphone or a desktop after registering on the platform. 

Hollywoodbets offers two primary options to play online. These include using either a smart device, such as a cellphone or tablet/iPad, or using a desktop or laptop. For both options, you need to first register with the platform.

In order to register with the platform there are legal documents to be uploaded on Hollywoodbets. The required documentation includes some form of identification, such as an identity document, a driver’s licence, or a passport.

Thereafter, you will be required to share your banking details, as they will be linked to an account with the platform, in order to carry out the bets. It is via the same account that you top up your created Hollywoodbets account when wanting to place a bet.

Lastly, the platform also encourages existing users to refer friends to register with Hollywoodbets, however, no incentive for it has been explicitly stated.

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