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How to increase your chances of winning almost any lottery game

Paying attention to a lottery games’ hot pairs as well as its hot and cold numbers may just increase your chances of grabbing that coveted top prize.

  • Hot Pairs

Keeping tabs on the top hot pairs of a lottery game can help you decide which digit pairings you should likely choose for the next draw.

For example, today’s Gosloto Morning Hot Numbers and Predictions indicated that the top three hot pairs were 5-14, 15-17 and 23-38.

  • Hot and cold numbers

By taking note of a lottery games top hot numbers you can choose digits that are more likely to appear in an upcoming draw. On the other hand, the top cold numbers indicate which numbers you should likely avoid.

As an example, today’s UK49 Lunchtime Hot and Cold Numbers specified that the top three hot numbers were 10, 11 and 3o, whilst the top three cold numbers were 33, 41 and 35.

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