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How to deactivate Hollywoodbets account

Deactivating a Hollywoodbets account can be done in two different ways; including deleting it off your cellphone and desktop, or reaching out to the company and requesting that it be deleted.

There are two primary ways to deactivate a Hollywoodbets account, and each option requires reasoning for the deactivation of the account. The first is deleting the app off one’s cellphone and desktop. This would mean that the account still exists with Hollywoodbets and you can still receive notifications from the company, but technically, the account is deactivated.

The second option is permanent, meaning that one would need to re-register and receive a completely new account to start betting on the platform again. In order to permanently deactivate the account, one would need to contact the company via email or telephonically and request that the account be deleted.

The turnaround time for the request to be attended to has not been stipulated, but once it has been carried out, it is permanent. The website has provided the links to the email and telephone number to initiate the deactivation.

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