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How to claim UK National Lottery scratchcards

There are various places to claim prizes from the UK National Lottery scratchcards, whether these were bought online or from a retailer.

The UK National Lottery offers a variety of different scratchcard games on their website and mobile application and through participating retailers.

About the UK National Lottery

Playing in the National Lottery is not only adrenaline packed and fun, but it helps to raise money to fund various projects and give back to various good causes around the country. The UK National Lottery was established in 1994 and focuses on changing the lives of the people who play in the lottery and funding various projects through this participation.

The UK National Lottery raises an average of £30m each week, which supports causes from music and the arts, wildlife, sport, heritage sites, parks and recreation projects. UK residents who participate in the National Lottery have various games to choose from, including games such as the Lotto, Euromillions, Set for Life, Thunderball, Hot Picks, and Instant Win Games.

How do scratchcards work?

Scratchcards are part of the “Instant Win Games” section of the National Lottery. Playing with scratchcards enables you to win anything from £100 and below, to £50 000 or various monthly prizes.

To start playing with scratchcards, you can create a profile on the National Lottery website, by visiting or download the National Lottery mobile application from the Google Play App Store or the Apple App store.

Most of the Instant Win Games will give you step by step instructions on how to play the game while you play. Scratchcards and other Instant Win games differ from most lottery games, because the odds of your card winning are predetermined. In this case, the odds of the game only show the likelihood that your scratchcard will result in a prize and these odds will stay the same every time that you play that particular game.

Rules for claiming scratchcard prizes

The National Lottery has some rules specific to each game and in terms of claiming prizes for each game, to ensure that they are clear steps for you to follow. However, in order to create an account and even participate in the National Lottery, you must be 18 years or older and must be physically located in the UK or Isle of Man.

Once you have created an account and won a prize in a scratchcard, you will need to claim your prize within 180 days from the closure date. You will need the winning scratchcard to claim your prize, as the scratchcard will then have to be validated in line with Camelot’s validation procedures before the prize money can be paid out to you.

How to claim retail scratchcards

The way in which you can claim your prize for a scratchcard game, will depend on the amount that you have won, these include:

Prize amount

Claiming Method

 RetailPost officeCall the National Lottery
£100 or lessVisit a local National Lottery retailer for cash or cashless payments. Some retailers with specific till points can only pay up to £50 in cash.Visit a designated Post Office in the UK for cash, or by cashless, or cheque payment.

You will need to bring the following with you:

– A proof of ID and address

– Your winning scratchcard


Up to £500 National Lottery retailers are allowed but not required to make payments up to £500
Up to £50 000Some National Lottery retailers on the Isle of Man will let you complete a Prize Claim Form and send this with your scratchcard to Camelot for verification
£50 000 or more and Monthly PrizesCall the National Lottery on 0333 234 50 50 to confirm your prize and arrange a time for your in-person collection.

The operating hours for the National Lottery include:

9am-8pm Monday to Saturday

– 9am-5pm Sunday

– Opening hours may vary on bank holidays.     

How to claim online scratchcards

Claims for online scratchcard prizes will also depend on the amount that you have won. Claims under £500 are paid directly back into your National Lottery account. For claims between £500 and £30 000, you will first have to confirm the card which is linked to your National Lottery account. Finally, for prizes over £30 000 and monthly prizes, you can call the National Lottery to arrange a time for your collection.

Final thoughts

Claiming the prize from your winning UK National Lottery scratchcard will depend both on how you purchased the card and the amount that you have won. Regardless of this, the claims process is straight-forward and easy to follow.

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