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How to cash out on Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets introduced the cash out option just under a year ago, and has implemented guidelines on when users can cash out their winnings.

Hollywoodbets introduced the cash out option in March 2020, initially, much to the excitement of its users. However, since then, there has been little to no improvement to the cash out option provided by the betting company.

While cashing out is as easy as following the prompts provided, there are regulations and limitations to be adhered to. One of which is the range of betting options that clients can cash out from, which has only been reviewed to include the soccer category.

Moreover, users can only cash out before an upcoming match of their previous cash out, should they have bet on multiple games. This means that users are not permitted to cash out during another match they have bet on.

Furthermore, the betting platform has noted, “We cannot be made liable in case ‘cash out’ is not available for technical or any other reasons. We recommend explicitly not to place bets based on the assumption that ‘cash out’ will be available at a later point in time for the respective bet.”

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