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How to cancel a bet on Hollywoodbets

Cancelling a bet on Hollywoodbets can be done in two ways, both of which involve communicating with the platform’s team and requesting a cancellation.

Hollywoodbets has provided its clients with two ways to cancel a bet. It is important to note that the platform advocates for preventative actions, rather than curative means. Therefore, a client is constantly advised to double-check their bets before pressing the submit button. However, should that not have been case, then there are two options to cancel a bet.

To cancel a bet, a client has to call the helpline or, alternatively, send an email to the company’s support team. The contact details are provided on the website. With both options, clients will be required to verify their identity and detail the category and bet information which they wish to cancel. Thereafter, there are additional questions to be answered.

The last step is to wait for the verification post on the cancellation, which the turnaround time for is not stipulated. Therefore, if you have not received a verification message on the bet’s cancellation, it is not guaranteed.

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