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How much is one scratch ticket in the UK?

There are various different scratchcard tickets available from select retailers and through the UK National Lottery’s website and mobile application at various prices.

The UK National Lottery features many different games, but the easy and simple scratchcard tickets are still among the most popular games for people to play.

Why do people enjoy scratchcard games?

Scratchcard games are some of the most popular games in the library of the UK National Lottery, which also includes draw games such as Lotto, Thunderball and Euromillions. People enjoy playing scratchcard games online on the UK National Lottery website and via the mobile application, but there are still some that prefer scratching off a physical card with a lucky coin.

One of the reasons that this game is so popular is that it is relatively cheap to buy a scratchcard, which means that people do not have to consider this investment for a long time before they purchase the scratchcard. There are also a variety of different scratchcard games, which do not require any specialised knowledge or skills, which makes this game very accessible.

How to play a scratchcard game

Although there is no specialised training or knowledge needed to play scratchcards, you must still be 18 years or older and be physically located in the UK or the Isle of Man to participate in any UK National Lottery game.

If you meet this requirement you can start participating in the scratchcard games by following these steps:

– Step 1: Log into your National Lottery account on the website or on the mobile app, or purchase a ticket from a participating retailer.

– Step 2: Pick your favourite scratchcard from the different options

– Step 3: Every scratchcard game will have its own rules and instructions for playing the game. This will be detailed on the back of your card.

– Step 4: Follow these instructions and start scratching to see if you qualify for a prize.

Which scratchcards can you buy for £1?

The National Lottery in the UK offers a variety of different scratchcards at different prices. Some scratchcards are available to purchase at only £1.

These scratchcards include:

Game nameTicket priceTop prize
£100,000 Red£1£100 000
£150,000 Purple£1£150 000
Hot £50s£1£50
It Pud Be You£1£10 000
Lucky Roll£1£7 000
Match 3 Tripler£1£10 000
Mini Cashword£1£10 000
Wads In Your Wallet£1£5 000
Win Gold£1£50 000

Even though the price of these scratchcards is low at only £1, it could be a worthy return on investment if you win one of the top prizes, which reach up to £150 000.

Which scratchcards can you buy for £2 and £3?

In the scratchcard game arena, the games are not very expensive, but there are scratchcards available to purchase at varying prices. The £2 and £3 scratchcards can be considered a good middle point between the most inexpensive and most expensive scratchcards.

These scratchcards include:

Game name:Ticket price:Top prize:
£100 Bonus£2£100
£100 Match Bonus£2£100
£20,000 A Month For A Year Christmas£2£240 000
£25,000 A Month For A Year£2£300 000
£250,000 Black & Gold£2£250 000
£250,000 Yellow Doubler£2£250 000
£5,000 A Week For A Year£2£260 000
£500,000 Green£2£500 000
Cars & Cash£2BMW X2 Model and £30 000
Lions Share Doubler£2£100 000
Red Hot 7s£2£70 000
Win All£2£50 000

Although these scratchcards are slightly more expensive, they could also lead to much bigger prizes in some cases.

Which scratchcards can you buy for £5?

The £5 scratchcards are the most expensive category of scratchcards, making them the biggest investment scratchcard wise, however, it is still a relatively inexpensive game to play.

The scratchcards in the £5 category include:

Game nameTicket priceTop prize
100X£5£1 000 000
£100,000 A Month For A Year Christmas£5£1 200 000
£100,000 A Year For 20 Years£5£2 000 000
£150,000 A Month For A Year£5£1 800 000
3 In 1£5£1 000 000
£500 Loaded£5£500
£75 Million Cash Spectacular£5£1 000 000
Christmas Advent Calendar£5£1 000 000
Full Of £500s£5£500
Full Of £1000s£5£1 000
Match A Million£5£1 000 000
Millionaire Maker£5£1 000 000
Money Kingdom£5£1 000 000
Monopoly Deluxe£5£2 000 000
Monopoly Gold£5£2 000 000
Monopoly Millionaire£5£1 000 000
Take It Or Leave It£5£1 000 000

This category also offers some of the highest value top prizes, which could also mean that you will get the highest return on investment for your £5.

Final thoughts

Scratchcards remain some of the most popular ways for people to participate in the UK National Lottery. In the end, the best choice of scratchcard is really down to your personal preference.

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