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How does Lottostar work?

How does Lottostar work in South Africa, and is it a legally registered online betting platform that can be trusted for people to make deposits and place bets?


It is everyone’s dream to see themselves winning the millions of rands that betting in the lottery can offer. Many people have been trying their luck with betting in international lotteries for the chance to win millions and even billions of money and becoming rich instantly by the day.

South Africa has the Lottostar platform that offers people the chance to bet on different lotteries from all over the world, in the hopes that they will become a dollar richer, winning a lottery in a foreign currency, equivalent to significantly more when compared and converted to South African rands.

What is Lottostar?

In order to determine how Lottostar works, one would first have to understand what Lottostar actually is. Lottostar is said to hold a Bookmakers license allowing it to offer people the opportunity to bet in some of the biggest well-known international lotteries. By having access to a large network of international lotteries, people in South Africa can bet on them in the hopes that they will win large sums of payouts in foreign currencies, making payouts larger in South African rands. Lottostar is an online platform, so betters have easy access to betting on their phones or personal computers.

How does Lottostar work?

Lottostar basically allows people who want to bet to log onto their online platform and discover a wide selection of international lotteries for them to bet on. Lotteries range from those offered in the United Kingdom to the United States.

To be able to start betting all you would need is to follow the five steps necessary to begin betting properly. You would first need to register an account online and to deposit some money into it. Lottostar will offer you different payment methods that are fast, simple and safe to use.

Once your payment has been received, you will be notified through a purchase confirmation email with all the relevant details. From there you will be able to choose the games you want to bet on, bet your lucky numbers on the wide variety of games on offer and place your bets using your funds.

Is it possible to win on Lottostar?

Winning the Lottery is not an easy thing to accomplish, the chances that you can win are close to slim and will work mostly on luck. The same goes for Lottostar, you are lucky to place the right bets but it is indeed possible to turn out as a winner.

The platform confirms that it has so far, paid out more than R53 billion in winnings with your chances possibly being better with almost 400 000 daily winners recorded by Lottostar. You will need to be lucky in your number predictions to win.

Is Lottostar legal?

It is without saying that gambling can be scary and can raise some concerns for people who might be considering getting into the world of betting on lotteries. Some people might question whether Lottostar is a legal betting platform.

The answer is yes, Lottostar is legal with a Bookmakers License issued by the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator South Africa. Lottostar is legally operated by Lottostar (Pty) Ltd with the registration number 2007/011071/07 (License Number 9-2-1-09467). For people who are still weary of the legalities of betting on Lottostar, they are encouraged to confirm this with the Economic Regulator.

Is Lottostar involved in giving back to the community?

Lottostar actually has a Corporate Social Responsibility whereby it states that it takes giving back to the community very seriously across South Africa. It is said to have gotten into partnerships with some radio stations on different campaigns like The May Money Madness, Big September and How Lucky can you get competitions.

The proceeds from all the Lottostar campaigns are given back towards different charities such as Gift of the Givers, the non-profit organisation called Bobbi Bear as well as people of communities by helping them pay off debts and other donations.


Betting online on international lotteries is one way of making money for people who are hungry to get rich quick. They are making use of opportunities whereby they can place bets and hope to make more money through using money. Lottostar offers people a platform to place bets on international lotteries and available games.

Lottostar is a legal betting platform that is licensed by the Bookmakers license issued by the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator. It is a safe and viable platform for people to trust, especially with their money as they offer safe and secure payment options for betters to make deposits to bet with.

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