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How do I install the Hollywoodbets app?

It important to note that Hollywoodbets does not have an app available on iOS or Android play stores, however, it is possible to access the app by registering on the website.

Hollywoodbets has become one of the leading online betting platforms locally. The betting platform provides the option to do online betting and, most recently, has created its own app to make the process easier for clients. However, the app is not available for direct download on either the iOS or Android play stores. Therefore, those interested in having the app need to register online in order to access it.

The first step is the only differentiator between members and new users. Already existing members need only to log on to the site to start the process of installing the app, whilst new users need to first sign up on the website to access the app.

Thereafter, on the landing page, the platform provides users with the option of accessing “apps for basic phone features.” After clicking on the prompt, the user will then be directed to a landing page which will require the basic information of the user for registration. After filling in the information, the user will then have the option to install the app on their phone or desktop.

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