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Greece Powerball predictions correctly forecast one final draw digit

The pertinent Greece Powerball Predictions managed to forecast one final digit in yesterday’s draw.

Digit 31 appeared in yesterday’s draw (3, 8, 12, 25, 31 Powerball: 5) which saw one jackpot winner take home around €1.3 million or R21.5 million.

This number also showed up in the relevant prediction’s top winning numbers37, 31, 28, 30, 4, 34, 21.

Other than that, no other digits were forecast via the prediction’s top three Hot Pairs (36-39, 34-43, 15-33), top three Hot Numbers (24, 15, 11) or top three Cold Numbers: 42, 16, 21.

Take a look at the most recent prediction’s for a bit of assistance with the upcoming draw this Sunday.

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