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FDJ: Players who won on Friday the 13th

FDJ: Players who won on Friday the 13th

France Lotto operator namely FDJ or Française des Jeux is challenging superstitions by sharing stories of those who got lucky on Friday the 13th.

Posted in their online magazine, FDJ stated “This player did not consider himself superstitious, but he will now see Friday the 13th differently! It was also on that day that he learned that he had won 1 million euros at My Million. ‘I took advantage of my stay a week earlier in Val d’Isère to tick off a few EuroMillions grids and I did well! It was when I returned from vacation that I discovered the good news!’, specified this player, who does not intend to stop there:” I will go directly to play for LOTO® on Friday the 13th, you never know!’ “

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